Confidential Shredding

Bring your shredding to Recycling Alternative in any type of container, our staff will help you unload your vehicle and return your bins if needed. 

Drop-off Shredding

Drop your shredding directly off at our warehouse for same day shredding.  We recommend making an appointment by clicking on the button below.

Rates: Our minimum charge of $45.00 covers up to 100 pounds, any additional weight is $0.35 per pound.

Drop & Watch Shredding

Pick-up Services

If you have a large shredding purge, we can send our truck to your business for a collection. All documents are shredded at our secure warehouse and a Certificate of Destruction is provided along with your invoice. 

Rates: $0.35 per pound for shredding + collection fee. Collection fee is based on location and loading time – please contact us for a quote.

Security Guaranteed

Recycling Alternative is bonded and insured. Upon request we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your confidential shredding.

Shredding FAQ

How much does a bankers box of shredding typically weigh?

Standard file/bankers box holds ~25-30lbs 

What is accepted/not accepted with shredding?

These items can be accepted in your shredding:

  • paper clips
  • staples
  • paper folders
  • soft cover books

Please remove these items from your shredding:

  • binders
  • hanging folders
  • coil ringed notebooks
  • hard cover books
  • bulldog clips
  • photographs, film, slides
  • cds, harddrives and digital media
  • credit cards, ID cards, etc.

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