Consulting & Engagement

Recognized as a leader in sustainable and innovative waste management planning and implementation, Recycling Alternative offers a broad spectrum of consulting and program services, from planning to procurement, from collection to recovery, to manage and improve your company’s waste performance.

Waste Audits & Waste Flow Analysis

Understanding your waste means sometimes getting your hands dirty. Our team of specialists do just that, performing customized audits and waste flow analysis for you to meet LEED and BOMA certification, or your own reporting requirements.

Education & Engagement

The waste landscape is changing and everyone has questions. Recycling Alternative collaborates with our clients, creating content to guide and engage your staff, tenants and stakeholders on the do’s and don’t’s of your customized waste diversion program.


“Reducing” is at the top of the waste hierarchy because it can have the greatest impact on your waste performance. By addressing the materials coming into your site and operation through sustainable procurement practices, we will help you achieve your waste reduction goals quickly and efficiently.

Waste Management Plans

Recycling Alternative has extensive experience working with property managers, developers, architects and engineers to provide Waste Management Plans for new and re-development projects as required for municipal permitting processes.

BOMA & LEED Certifications

Recycling Alternative supports property owners and operators by providing diversion reporting, waste auditing and waste reduction work plans that enable our clients to navigate and implement compliance requirements for LEED, BOMA and environmental certifying bodies. .

Equipment Sourcing & Management

Recycling Alternative has over 30 years experience sourcing and customizing equipment for our clients’ most challenging diversion needs. From bags and rolling carts, balers and compactors, to food waste composters, we will help you find the best equipment solution for your business.

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