Meet The Cats

Los gatos! Our Sustainable Pest Control Department

Sammy and Chi Chi, our sustainable pest control experts, came to us over 5 years ago from the SPCA, with exemplary recommendations for their ‘paws-on’ commitment to the cause.

By day, the dynamic duo spend their time lounging on their West Coast Post reclaimed driftwood ‘cat condo’ (surprisingly affordable real estate at Main & Terminal) distracting as many RA staff as possible from our work (aka feline therapy), and demanding attention from customers arriving for our Drop Off Shredding service.

Once the staff clear out at the end of the day, however, the nocturnal pair spring into action to enjoy the run of the warehouse. They are always certain to leave the results of any unexpected activities occurring during their nightly shift, with their front door report (received with enthusiastic appreciation) for the arriving morning supervisors.