Meet the Team

We just couldn’t do all this trashing busting without an amazing team of dedicated drivers, wonderful warehouse workers, awesome administrative staff and of course the cats! Working tirelessly together to keep our recycling wheels in motion.

Diversity and Inclusivity in the WorkPlace

We’re big believers in inclusive and integrated employment opportunities, and see our role in the emerging local green economy as offering a promising boon of hands-on training and skills development, opportunities in recycling collection, sorting, warehousing, shipping, receiving and forklifting, all with a focus on tackling the trouble with trash.

Over our 20 years in operation we have continued to work closely with numerous inner city and employment support agencies (including BOB, Gastown Vocational, Pathways, VCC, Neil Squire, Theo, Open Door, Canadian Mental Health) to build hardy, stable employment opportunities for all.

We want our workplace to reflect the rich diversity we see in the world around us. From first hand experience, we’ve learned that working together inclusively benefits our whole team and makes our community stronger.