Restaurants & Hospitality

Our restaurant and hospitality recycling programs help you significantly reduce what you’re sending to the landfill by including collection of food waste and compostable materials, in addition to all blue box materials.

Looking for an on-site solution for your compost? We service and supply Green Good Composters so you can process your organics right at your site!

Take a bite out of your waste stream!

Mix and match any of the recyclable materials below to build out a program that works for your site and tackles your largest waste components.


Equipment Types:

  • Totes (96 gallon)
  • Kitchen container
  • Zone box
  • Organics totes (2.5 gallon bucket, 12, 32, 64 gallon totes)

Are your diners and guests wondering where the waste is going?
Check out our chain of custody on products we collect from your site.