Multi-Tenant Apartment Buildings

Multi Unit Residential Buildings & Mixed Use Commercial Buildings

Did you know that not all municipalities provide recycling services for multi-tenanted buildings?
Has your strata or property manager set-up a program for you?
Are you a Building or Property Manager whose tenants are asking for a recycling program?

Recycling Alternative can take care of all your blue box materials, your electronic waste as well as your food scraps and yard trimmings. Recycling Alternative has extensive experience servicing mixed use buildings, including services for residential, retail and office.

Contact us today to help build an all-inclusive program, customized to suit all you tenants’ needs.

We also supply and service Green Good Composters, large-scale composting units that can be kept on-site to provide safe, immediate and effective composting solutions!


Here’s a list of the materials you can include in your recycling program:


 Example program: