TRASH TALK # 8 – DROP SPOT Food Scraps – Where does it all go?

It’s great to see familiar faces and then the new droppers arriving each week at the Drop Spot.

In addition to the practical matter of providing a community model for serious food scraps diversion, the collective of droppers and volunteers at the Spot have come to realize the model offers an engaging and effective forum for community dialogue, public awareness and education on the topic of all things related to waste, food scraps and our local food cycle!

If the Drop Spot is any indication, it would appear that, almost as much as commiserating over the weather, Vancouverites love to talk trash!

One question droppers are always keen to know is, where do the food scraps go, what happens to them. Turns out to be super important information in fact.

All the foods scraps that are collected at the weekly Drops Spots go to 2 commercial composting facilities (Fraser Richmond Soil and Fibre and Enviro-smart Organics/West Coast Lawns, where there is a charge per tonne for drop off.

At these facilities, the material is scaled and off-loaded into piles with other green waste (yard trimmings, food scraps) to begin a 48-60 day journey of turning, aeration, remixing and eventual processing into rich top soil and soil amendment to be sold back into the local gardening and growing community here.

Diverting food scraps yard trimmings is the essential first step. Making sure our nitrogen and carbon rich waste is being turned into high value compost for the local market, is the next essential step in the process.

In the case of food scraps, closing our loop locally is the best way to build hardy, local food production cycles that fortify food security in the region.

And that’s exactly what droppers are doing when they use the Drop Spot!

The planet thanks you and so do your local growers!