Don’t Throw It All Away

BC Homes – Don’t Throw It All Away:

Catherine Owen | May 14th, 2013


Awareness of the importance of recycling has been growing steadily in the Lower Mainland. Access to recycling facilities has risen since the 1990s, but condo and apartment owners are still at a disadvantage. Some buildings don’t offer recycling facilities. Others have limited options. While single-family homes achieved a 55 per cent diversion from the landfill in 2011, condominiums only saw a 16 per cent decrease in waste. The lack of recycling services means many residents will throw their garbage in the trash can instead, remarks Louise Schwarz of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge. But condo and apartment owners can make a difference. Continue reading…

Trash Talk #2 – The Challenges of Apartment Recycling

Last week Metro held a series of its Dialogues for the Region focusing on ‘Accelerating Multi-Family Waste Diversion’ (i.e. apartments and condo’s).

A tall order indeed. Compared to the 55% diversion achieved from single family homes in the region, only 16% of waste from apartments and condominiums is getting recycled. Doing the math and looking at it from the other end of the tail pipe,  the fact that 84% of waste from apartments and condo’s is going to landfill despite over 25 years of public education means we need to change our strategy dramatically in order to achieve Metro ‘s, 70% waste reduction targets by 2015. Continue reading…