Trash Talk #1 – Ready for takeoff!

Finally! The inaugural Blog Flight! To say this has been on my to do list for last 3 months (see 2011 Resolutions) is to admit it has loomed even larger on my outreach landscape for over a year now.  Alas, the Blog Plunge beckons and there is no turning back. Trash Talk is here, and like its moniker is not going away.

Starting today I will be dropping into Blog-Land regularly with something short, sometimes not so sweet, usually trashy and always intended to bring you information from the front line of the planet’s  ‘throw away’ fest, along with a local perspective on environmental, social and political sustainability.

So, hang onto your Blue Boxes, get ready for the ride. Trash Talk starts here. I`ll be back next week and top of the agenda is ‘EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SINGLE STREAMING BUT ARE AFRAID TO ASK.’