Kimberlee Stirling – August 21, 2014

A visit to the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art in North Vancouver was on my summer to-do list, I wanted to see what happened to the 3000 Coca Cola cans contributed from Recycling Alternative to Gu Xiong’s exhibit.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Gu Xiong is an artist who lives in Vancouver, he was born in China and has lived in Canada 25 years now. His art is created from personal memories and experiences as well as from current issues facing both Canada and China. Issues such as the environment, water preservation and consumerism. Recycling Alternative’s Coca Cola cans represent memories of both Gu Xiong clearing away waste/garbage from when he worked as a busboy at UBC and the issues of mass production, over consumption and globalization.

As I entered the gallery, my eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful waterfall of Coca Cola cans, this mixed media installation changed what one would call garbage into a stunning work of art! The fall of red filled the gallery with colour and a vivid picture of what 3000 Coca Cola cans look like in volume. When the exhibit ends on August 23rd, Recycling Alternative will come to collect the Coca Cola cans for recycling thus closing the circle that began in April. Gu Xiong’s works are very personal and I came away from this exhibit knowing more about this artist and myself as well.