Trash Talk #5 – Food Scraps Drop Spot moves into the Winter

By now many of you may have heard about the hugely successful Recycling Alternative/Vancouver Farmers Market partnership to help West End apartment residents keep their food scraps out of the landfill.

Our innovative, pilot model  DROP SPOT ran from August to Oct 22 . Public response to the DROP SPOT was enthusiastic to put it mildly, and The DROP SPOT became a hot spot of activity, engagement and conversation every Saturday during the West End Farmers Market. West End apartment and condo residents, hungry for food scraps diversion turned up in droves with bags, buckets and bowls of food scraps collected and kept out of the garbage each week.

By the end of our 10 week run, we had received over 2000 drops and diverted over 11,000 lbs of food scraps, thanks to the hearty support and participation of West End (and beyond!) apartment residents.

The public response and participation in the program was so enthusiastic in fact, that we decided we simply couldn’t leave early adopter Droppers high and dry over the winter season

As the Oct 22 date approached, Vancouver Farmers Market and Recycling Alternative set to work developing a winter model for the DROP SPOT, and we are happy to let people know that as of Nov 5, apartment residents will benefit from 2 Drop Spot locations:

Gordon Neighbourhood House                 1019 Broughton Street (at Nelson)       Drop times: 10am-noon

Winter Markets                                     Nat Bailey Stadium (30th & Ontario)    Drop times 10-2pm

As we all expected, our first Saturday of the newly launched Winter DROP SPOT was a great success.  We received over 90 drops at the West End location, and over 22 drops at the Winter Market, diverting over 1000 lbs in our first week. These metrics are already higher than our very first week at the summer DROP SPOT. Looks like a little bit of wet Vancouver weather isn’t damping Droppers’ spirits or commitment to food scraps diversion!

We are looking forward to seeing how our numbers inc

rease,  as winter awareness of the 2 new locations builds.  We are very grateful to Gordon Neighbourhood House for their willingness to offer us a Spot very close to the former summer DROP SPOT on Comox and we are also keen to see the public response participation for the West End DROP SPOT as the weather cools down, and without the draw of the Farmers Market at the site.

For further excitement on the thrills of food scraps diversion and ongoing action and engagement at the Winter DROP SPOT.