Climate Smart Businesses Cut Costs and Carbon

Recycling Alternative has been a Climate Smart business since 2009 and we were thrilled at the opportunity to be featured in their latest video alongside some other innovative local businesses including The PNEContinental RoofingDigitechMills Office ProductivityShift DeliveryProcurify, and 505-Junk.

The goal of Climate Smart is to help businesses measure and cut their carbon emissions.  For Recycling Alternative, the biggest source of carbon emissions comes from our trucks which traverse the city every day collecting valuable recycling from our customers.  In order to reduce our emissions (and to make our recycling practices more efficient) we have made a few unique additions to our operations over the past few years.

The Zero Waste Truck – only found at Recycling Alternative, is specifically designed to collect multiple recycling streams (paper, recycling and food waste) in a single trip. By using this truck we can reduce our truck trips and carbon emissions by collecting all streams at the same time!

Recycling Alternative also uses GreenGood composting machines which tackle the challenging problem of food waste.  These are on-site composters which reduce food waste by up to 80% while creating nutrient rich immature compost.  By using these machines, RA is able to decrease the number of collections required at a site, and reduce the carbon impact of our trucking. Instead of going to sites daily for food waste collection, we can go once a week or once every 2 weeks. This results in great savings for all in terms of trucking, messy smells and carbon impact on the planet.

To find out more ways Recycling Alternative is reducing their carbon emissions though the Climate Smart program, follow us on Facebook and Twitter next week from September 28th-October 2nd!