Scrapping Food at the PNE!

Another roller coaster riding, mini donut filled fortnight of fun has drawn to a close at PNE 2013.

In addition to the usual suspects – rides –animals -prize homes –great music acts and the ever entertaining slice’em dice’em market place vendors, food always plays a major roll at the PNE, from candied apples and cotton candy to corn on the cob.

This year though, there was a big difference on the food front ….in terms of waste that is!

Recycling Alternative was thrilled to be included in Vancity’s ECO ALLEY  to demo our state of the art on-site composting machines.

Green Good Composters provide one of the best on-site solutions for food waste. The technology works on microbiology and heat. The microbes are similar to the ones found in deep sea vents and love to feast on food waste in a hot environment. The result is significant reduction in volume of food waste as well as the nasty smells and sloppy mess that can accompany food waste.

The machines have proven a popular and successful option for a number of local restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

Green Good Composters come in a number of sizes designed to match the various volumes a home or business might generate.

Apartment residents love the GG02, which processes up to 2 kg’s per day, the average amount of food waste a Canadian family generates daily.

Larger generators of food waste such as restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and food courts can choose from a suite of the GG machine models (GG10, GG30, GG50, GG100, GG500) to best suit their needs and food waste volumes:

Site staff at the PNE used the GG100 over the 2 week fair and were so proud of the results, that they are now considering ways to introduce the machines across their year round operation to tackle and their food waste.

PNE 2013 3

Food-scraps recycling fails in eco-friendly Olympic village

UBC Journalism News Service – The Thunderbird 

By Reyhana Heatherington
October 17, 2012



Louise Schwarz talks trash or more precisely she talks about the virtues of reducing trash, but it seems condo residents in the eco-friendly Olympic village do not.

On July 10, the city funded a pilot project to eliminate food scrap waste in the Olympic village. It set up an easily accessible composting location but all residents had to do was use it. But three months later, the project closed because not enough people were taking advantage of it.

Schwarz, co-founder of Recycling Alternative, said she expected residents to use the centralized drop bins more, especially considering that the city claims it is one of the greenest neighbourhoods in North America.

“I was surprised. I mean, the Olympic village is perfect; it’s just waiting to happen…but we didn’t quite get the numbers.” Continue reading…

Launch of the fourth Drop Spot location at Olympic Village


Two groups of residents in the West End and Olympic Village are joining other high-density Vancouver neighbourhoods in a community effort to divert organics from the landfill by creating new Food Scraps Drop Spots.

On June 16, 2012 the West End Neighbourhood Food Network and Village Vancouver launched their 10am-1pm Saturday Drop Spot at the West End Community Centre. Continue reading…

New program allows West End apartment dwellers to compost food scraps

Business in Vancouver

Glen Korstrom Fri Jun 8, 2012 9:00am PST



The City of Vancouver offers curbside food scraps collection for single family dwellings but is having a “headache” dealing with multi-unit dwellings, which dominate the downtown peninsula, West End Neighbourhood Food Network (WEFN) spokesman Randy Helten told Business in Vancouver June 7.

Now a new program is opening in the West End to help apartment and condo dwellers to compost their food scraps. Continue reading…

Trash Talk #9 – Composting Site Visit

Last Sunday a group of dedicated Drop Spot volunteers made the trek out to the commercial composting facility to learn more about where your weekly Drop Spot food scraps are going.

Each Saturday, Recycling Alternative picks up the totes from the Drop Spots and transports them to Envirosmart in Ladner. Envirosmart uses a state to of the art, windrow system to process the more than 1,000 tonnes of food scraps they receive on a weekly basis from local composting programs.

Continue reading…

TRASH TALK # 8 – DROP SPOT Food Scraps – Where does it all go?

It’s great to see familiar faces and then the new droppers arriving each week at the Drop Spot.

In addition to the practical matter of providing a community model for serious food scraps diversion, the collective of droppers and volunteers at the Spot have come to realize the model offers an engaging and effective forum for community dialogue, public awareness and education on the topic of all things related to waste, food scraps and our local food cycle!

If the Drop Spot is any indication, it would appear that, almost as much as commiserating over the weather, Vancouverites love to talk trash!

Continue reading…

Trash Talk #6 – Week 14 Update at the Drop Spot!

When we started the winter model of our Drop Spots, we didn’t know what to expect, we just knew we couldn’t turn our backs on the amazing ground gained in terms of public awareness and more importantly, behaviour change.

In the West End, we knew we wanted to continue testing participation levels as the weather got colder and the Farmers Market packed up from Comox Street. We wondered if residents would continue to brave the weather and make the effort to participate in this community model to compost and divert their food scraps.
Continue reading…