Recycling Alternative Newsletter: #RefuseSingleUse



Single-Use Item Ban

Recycling Alternative has been pushing this month for everyone to #RefuseSingleUse and it seems to be working! From Vancouver banning Single Use Items (SUI’s) to the styrofoam ban starting next week, from reusable ice cream containers to coffee cups, this newsletter will fill you in on everything going on with SUI’s.

There was great news earlier this month when the City of Vancouver decided to ban single-use plastic straws and Styrofoam cups after a long extensive public consultation. We are very proud to have been part of this consultation process. The ban on polystyrene foam take-out containers and foam cups will be introduced startUntitled-1ing June 1, 2019, and the ban on plastic straws, with exemptions for people with accessibility and health care needs, will be introduced starting June 1, 2019.

It is very encouraging to see Vancouver taking this bold step by passing the ban a month ago, and now the EU is considering this option as well. The single-use item ban is definitely going international and the recyclers are happy!  We are all beginning to understand very clearly the damage and the negative impact our single-use item habits are having on the planet. A&W Canada is the first North American fast food chain to eliminate plastic straws in all its branches, Canada wide. By January 2019, they will be replacing plastic straws with paper straws. Adding to that, NADA. a new zero waste concept store that is centered around waste minimization with a mission to change the way we shop for “more food” and “less packaging”. The store allows you to use your own reusable containers and bags while shopping for your groceries! If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to reduce your single-use habits, check our Facebook page for daily updates! We also encourage you to SHARE yourown alternatives with the hashtag #RefuseSingleUse. Continue reading…

Recycling Alternative Newsletter: 2017 In Review


From the desk of the Owners Louise & Robert

R&L-TruckwebAs 2017 rounds to a close, we wanted to send our heartfelt thanks out to RA’s wonderful community of clients, as well as our amazing team who work so hard to keep our engine primed and running efficiently, whether as office and admin staff, managers, dispatchers, drivers, warehouse team …. (and of course, the cats!).

On the community front, we continue to work on innovative recycling programs with our Downtown Eastside community partners United We Can, Mission Possible and the Binners Project, to provide employment opportunities to individuals with barriers.

Robert is still like a kid in a sandbox. From his custom designed and manufactured ZW trucks (2010-2015) he has now turned his attention to helping our high volume food waste clients process their organics waste on-site in 24 hours, using our composting machines.

By now, many of you will be aware that the international recycling markets have had a very rough year. Recently, the ‘China Sword’ introduced bans against all recycling materials exported to China from North America, in response to the high levels of contamination and garbage being found in these exported streams. This has dramatically affected paper and plastics markets through the last months of 2017, the next few months will give us an indication about the long-term effects.

With these challenges looming large on the horizon Continue reading…