Trash Talk #6 – Week 14 Update at the Drop Spot!

When we started the winter model of our Drop Spots, we didn’t know what to expect, we just knew we couldn’t turn our backs on the amazing ground gained in terms of public awareness and more importantly, behaviour change.

In the West End, we knew we wanted to continue testing participation levels as the weather got colder and the Farmers Market packed up from Comox Street. We wondered if residents would continue to brave the weather and make the effort to participate in this community model to compost and divert their food scraps.
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Trash Talk #5 – Food Scraps Drop Spot moves into the Winter

By now many of you may have heard about the hugely successful Recycling Alternative/Vancouver Farmers Market partnership to help West End apartment residents keep their food scraps out of the landfill.

Our innovative, pilot model  DROP SPOT ran from August to Oct 22 . Public response to the DROP SPOT was enthusiastic to put it mildly, and The DROP SPOT became a hot spot of activity, engagement and conversation every Saturday during the West End Farmers Market. West End apartment and condo residents, hungry for food scraps diversion turned up in droves with bags, buckets and bowls of food scraps collected and kept out of the garbage each week.

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West End residents with their ear to the ground on waste diversion, are responding enthusiastically to our Food Scraps Drop Spot pilot running July 30-Oct 15 at the West End Farmers Market.

The Drop Spot grew out of a partnership between Farmers Market and Recycling Alternative to piggy back food scraps collection for apartments on the existing traffic of Farmers Market shoppers who are  heading to the market each Saturday to make local, sustainable choices about their food.

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Trash Talk #2 – The Challenges of Apartment Recycling

Last week Metro held a series of its Dialogues for the Region focusing on ‘Accelerating Multi-Family Waste Diversion’ (i.e. apartments and condo’s).

A tall order indeed. Compared to the 55% diversion achieved from single family homes in the region, only 16% of waste from apartments and condominiums is getting recycled. Doing the math and looking at it from the other end of the tail pipe,  the fact that 84% of waste from apartments and condo’s is going to landfill despite over 25 years of public education means we need to change our strategy dramatically in order to achieve Metro ‘s, 70% waste reduction targets by 2015. Continue reading…