Trash Talk #6 – Week 14 Update at the Drop Spot!

When we started the winter model of our Drop Spots, we didn’t know what to expect, we just knew we couldn’t turn our backs on the amazing ground gained in terms of public awareness and more importantly, behaviour change.

In the West End, we knew we wanted to continue testing participation levels as the weather got colder and the Farmers Market packed up from Comox Street. We wondered if residents would continue to brave the weather and make the effort to participate in this community model to compost and divert their food scraps.

And we discovered – YES THEY WILL!

At the Winter Market, we wanted to see if apartment residents travelling from other areas of the city (i.e. Commercial Drive, Kits, Mount Pleasant) would make the effort to travel beyond their immediate neighbourhood with their food scraps to piggy back a Drop Spot visit with their weekly shopping at the Farmers Market.

Again, we discovered – YES THEY WILL

14 weeks into our winter model for the Food Scraps Drop Spot the numbers are speaking for themselves. Since November 7 we have received over 2000 drops and have diverted a total of over 16,000 lbs of food scraps.

Our winter stats now surpass the summer’s success and the Drop Spot is proving an effective and popular food scraps diversion solution for many apartment residents.

A couple of community groups have started to consider how to help build out the model with Farmers Market and Recycling Alternative to land Drop Spots in other densely population areas and offer them on different days for added convenience.

We’ll keep you posted as some of these plans take form. If you are interested in getting involved, please send us an email.

In the meantime, continue to spread the word to friends and neighbours who are living in apartments and just can’t bare to trash their food scraps!

We’re happy to help them with that, every Saturday at Gordon Neighbourhood House and Winter Markets.


For more information about the DropSpot or to volunteer, contact Laura  – laura “at”